John Danaher on Student Information Overload

John Danaher:

Information overload: When I first began coaching I was anxious to pass as much detailed information as possible to students when demonstrating moves; in the belief that the more details they had, the more perfect their performance of the move would be. I soon found the opposite effect took place. The students did not have the experience to know which details ought to be given priority and so tended to emphasize the least important details over the most important. … My job then, is not dumping information – IT IS ABBREVIATING AND PRIORITIZING INFORMATION. Once I feel it is absorbed in ways that a student can utilize it under stress, I can add more. As soon as I made this adjustment…

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h/t Torin Hill of TORIS

Tamara Keel: Dressing Around the Weapon

Tamara Keel:

We do not live in a world where everybody can wear an untucked polo shirt over a gun belt with a Glock 19 and centerline fixed blade knife, and can take all their vacation days every year to attend gun school. Nor should we. By making that sound like the lowest hurdle for responsible self defense, we turn off more people than we attract.

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Randy King: Training for Escape

Randy King of KPC Self Defense and Randy King Live has another awesome installment of his Randy’s Rants series. This one’s on training to escape.

Personal story: few years back I discovered an almost 100% reliable way to confuse and eventually piss off a room full of martial artists. Fight only to create an opening for an escape and then take it. There’s a sort of predictable pattern: confusion, OK I get it, haha you’re still doing it, and ok but seriously why aren’t you hanging out to fight me for fun for the next 10 minutes. (Yes, eventually we probably do have to stay in longer than we would so we can learn.)

Kathy Jackson: What Certifications Do You Need?

Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat and IDJ:

From elsewhere, in response to sumdood asking what certifications he “needed” to have in order to teach home defense and gun safety:

At the heart, a “home defense” instructor asks (and even expects) people to bet their lives and the lives of their loved ones on the quality of the instructor’s information and the instructor’s ability to impart that information to them in a meaningful way.

If that thought doesn’t scare you down to your toenails, it’s not the job for you no matter what classes you’ve attended or what certifications you have. If it sounds silly or overstated or like anything other than the bare truth … same thing.

If that sobering thought does give you some hesitation, you won’t ever again ask how little education you can get away with having. Instead, you’ll start asking how much you can absorb, and of what quality.

Handgun Training Device Induces Hard Malfunctions

Haven’t tried this yet, but we’ll be pretty excited if it works as advertised. What makes it cool is that you can load live rounds on top of it, making it possible to present contextual problems that aren’t predictable to students.

“The hard malfunction device is the only tool on the market that will simulate a full stoppage of your firearm like a double feed malfunction. Simple to use, the device goes into your magazine and no matter how many times you tap and rack, the device won’t clear. That requires you to know and perform a true hard malfunction process to clear the firearm. This trains your body to fix your firearm rapidly, even under stress. Our handgun hard malfunction training device works with all 9mm and .40 caliber handguns.”

The Hard Malfunction Device is $24.95 from Range Systems. Check it out here.

FBI Releases 2015 Uniform Crime Reports

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports for 2015 are now live.

(If you aren’t familiar with the UCR: “The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program has been the starting place for law enforcement executives, students of criminal justice, researchers, members of the media, and the public at large seeking information on crime in the nation [USA].”)

From the press release:

Today, the FBI released its annual compilation of crimes reported to its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program by law enforcement agencies from around the nation. Crime in the United States, 2015 reveals a 3.9 percent increase in the estimated number of violent crimes and a 2.6 percent decrease in the estimated number of property crimes last year when compared to 2014 data.

According to the report, there were an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes committed around the nation. While that was an increase from 2014 figures, the 2015 violent crime total was 0.7 percent lower than the 2011 level and 16.5 percent below the 2006 level…

Tammy Yard McCracken: Bow To Being Badass Or Don’t Bow

Tammy Yard McCracken of Kore Krav Maga:

When you bow in to a martial arts class, who or what are you bowing to?

If you are teaching, who are your students bowing to? Do you think they are bowing to you? If you do – that’s a problem. Bowing is a ritual and with it come a series of artifacts. And yes, as an instructor, you have put in hours, days, years of training to reach this place in life. Teaching other people is not a right of your training; however, it is a responsibility.With all the different things you are teaching your students, the most important one is to teach them they can – and maybe should – be training to become better than you…

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Anna Valdiserri: Gatekeeping

Here’s a must-read from Anna Valdiserri:

One of the most common entry price people fail to pay is that of “experience”. You do not have enough experience to be entitled to an opinion on the subject. Your opinion is inherently invalid because of your lack of experience. Just shut the hell up and listen to us, the Experienced People!

… except that I thought the entire point in self-defence teaching and training was to prevent people from going through certain experiences. I appreciate that some things cannot be fully grokked unless you have gone through them; however, I thought it was our job as teachers/trainers/bloggers/wafflers to bring people as up-to-speed as possible without them having to go through shit. I thought it was why we taught the subject in the first place. And I thought reducing the discrepancy between our students’ understanding and the reality of the situation was one of the ways in which we could measure the quality of our teaching…

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Drive past rows of corn
All alike. No difference here.
Monoculture field.

Cloned plants together,
Sharing all weakness and strength,
Die when trouble hits.

In the training world,
There’s only one type of best.
No room for weirdos.

Cry “DERP!!” Loose the hounds!
Drive out fools and infidels.
Monoculture rules.

Is this good? Say “no.”
Throw stupid out, that’s good. But —
Is all difference derp?

One is none, two one.
One thought is no thought at all.
Embrace difference.

Joshua Gideon: The Future of Self Defense Training

Joshua Gideon of No Soft Targets:

Although there may be exceptions to this in certain parts of the country (especially when it comes to mandatory CCW classes), I think the bulk of our potential students are frustrated with us. Complaints range from the location of classes to how long the classes are and that the cost of the class is more than they want to spend for that particular topic. Although some people may make excuses for not training because they let their ego get in the way, I suspect a lot more really do have limitations that keep them from taking a class they truly want to take.

If you think about it, we’re already seeing this. How many new training facilities at the level of Gunsite Academy or Rogers Shooting School have popped up recently? Yeah, I hear the crickets too. A few have even shut their doors in recent years. Now before you get too upset, stay with me…

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