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Rory Miller: The Instructor With One Use of Force

Rory Miller of Chiron Training:

One of my threshold observations was that people who has prevailed in a single violent encounter were consistently the worst teachers. These were the ones that felt there was only one right answer, whether it was rage or fitness or speed or power or… the one thing that had worked was the only thing that could work. And, because all thinking humans know that’s not true, these instructors had a constant cognitive dissonance they needed to resolve…

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Miguel Gonzalez: Instructors and Context of Experience

Miguel Gonzalez of Gun Free Zone:

First let me say that if you served in the Military my undying thanks. But we must address the fact that your experiences in the Sandbox did not prepare you one bit to train civilians in Defensive Shooting. We have come a long way from the times where a NRA basic Pistol class was enough for anybody to go packing in the real world. Now good instructors will cover not only the operation of a firearm but the mindset that goes along in both engaging a bad guy or avoiding engagement with a bad guy. And let us not forget what comes afterward.

If you still feel that I am wrong, please allow me the following mental exercise…

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Marc MacYoung: Can You Teach Self Defense If You Haven’t ‘Been There’?

Marc MacYoung of No Nonsense Self Defense:

I am often asked that question. Can someone who hasn’t spent years fighting teach you anything about self-defense?

Well aside from the first glaring error that fighting is not self-defense, the answer is “It depends.” It depends on something very specific. Below is my answer to someone who asked this very question.

The answer lies in the information, not necessarily the teacher…

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