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Seth Godin on Foundations and Modeling

Seth Godin:

Hint: if you tell people something is important but fail to give them the tools and the support and the training that they need to do that important thing, you’ve just told them that it’s not actually important…

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Related article: No More Lip Service (verified instructors only) on integrating the things we talk about as being important to personal protection but show through our actions that they aren’t.

h/t Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training

Maija Soderholm on Language in Physical Instruction

Maija Soderholm, author of The Liar the Cheat and the Thief: Deception and the Art of Sword Play:

I admit it, I talk too much. The pictures and concepts I see in my head want a way out. They want describing, refining, sharing and altering, and words seem to be one of the most accessible ways to do this with others ….. But really, how useful are they when teaching a physical skill set?

Language can explain and inspire, yet it can also confuse and misdirect, it is a true double edged sword – our savior and our downfall

Precision can be hard to convey, especially when personal experience differs to the extent that words mean different things to the speaker and the listener …. and this is assuming that the speaker is explaining clearly, and that the listener is even listening!

Say the word ‘threat’ for instance, and some will not even have a concept of what that might be…

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