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John Danaher on Student Information Overload

John Danaher:

Information overload: When I first began coaching I was anxious to pass as much detailed information as possible to students when demonstrating moves; in the belief that the more details they had, the more perfect their performance of the move would be. I soon found the opposite effect took place. The students did not have the experience to know which details ought to be given priority and so tended to emphasize the least important details over the most important. … My job then, is not dumping information – IT IS ABBREVIATING AND PRIORITIZING INFORMATION. Once I feel it is absorbed in ways that a student can utilize it under stress, I can add more. As soon as I made this adjustment…

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h/t Torin Hill of TORIS

Rory Miller: A Hint From an Instructor Development Course

Rory Miller of Chiron Training:

Here’s a thought for curriculum development, a quick and dirty thought experiment. If 1) someone you loved was 2) going into harm’s way and 3) this person was completely innocent and 4) you had five minutes on the phone to tell them how to be safer, what would you say?

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Melody Lauer & John Johnston on Curriculum Development

Melody Lauer talks with Ballistic Radio host John Johnston about curriculum design for defensive handgun in Ballistic Radio episode 159. (Podcast, free MP3 download.)

John is stressing JackJack out with more time travel. John talks to Melody Lauer about curriculum development and some of the challenges instructors face when wanting to branch out and create their own curriculums. Melody gets to turn the tables on John and ask him what it was like to work on his first curriculum as well as some of the difficulties along the way. Where do newer instructors go wrong when developing their classes? What kind of instructor development is out there for civilians? What is missing in modern instruction? All questions pondered on this week’s episode.