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Nick Grossman: Flashbang Bra Holster – First Impressions From A Male Instructor

Nick Grossman of Bolt Defense (and the Instructor Development Journal):

A few weeks back there was a discussion among a few instructors about whether the Flashbang bra holster was safe to allow in classes. I’ve played with one a few times with guidance from Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat, who first taught me to use one in an instructor development class of hers last year. Haven’t done all I’d like or am planning to with it yet, and there’s plenty that I simply can’t, but here are a few notes so far:

All holsters can be used dangerously. Not all can be used safely…

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Photo courtesy of Tamara Keel

PDN Live – Getting Started: New Shooters and New Instructors

Roundtable of Combat Focus Shooting and Defensive Firearm Coach instructors discuss how they got started teaching, instructor insurance, continuing education, getting hired as a staff instructor, filling classes, and balancing another full-time job with teaching.

Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training Company and the Personal Defense Network
Jamie Onion, Program Director for I.C.E. Training Company‘s Defensive Firearm Coach program
Michael McElmeel of EighteenZulu
Elka Summers King of Training at Barren Creek
Ben Turner of Innovative Defensive Solutions
Jay Hawkins of Reno Guns & Range

Instructy stuff starts at 32:00.

Why I Doubled My Range Med Kit

A single bullet causing multiple gunshot wounds in a range accident seemed plausible, so I checked to see if it ever actually happens. Turns out it does:

One bullet hurts two men in Bridgeport shooting range accident

Two men injured in Casselberry gun range accident

Man shot in both arms at Bellevue gun range sues

As a result, I doubled up my minimum range trauma kit to treat two different wounds. Quadrupled up on gloves in case two different people get injured and I have to switch off between them.

Brannon LeBouef: Staying in Your Lane as an Instructor

I see two basic versions of the “stay in your lane” thing. One is about being a responsible instructor and not making stuff up about things you don’t know about, which is the useful one Brannon LeBouef of NOLATAC Training & Consulting talks about here. It allows room for growth, like when he talks about broadening your lane.

The other version is when it’s used to shut people down, like a slightly more “tactical” version of “shut up, dweeb, I don’t have to listen to you”. More common, less useful.

h/t Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat

Melody Lauer & John Johnston on Curriculum Development

Melody Lauer talks with Ballistic Radio host John Johnston about curriculum design for defensive handgun in Ballistic Radio episode 159. (Podcast, free MP3 download.)

John is stressing JackJack out with more time travel. John talks to Melody Lauer about curriculum development and some of the challenges instructors face when wanting to branch out and create their own curriculums. Melody gets to turn the tables on John and ask him what it was like to work on his first curriculum as well as some of the difficulties along the way. Where do newer instructors go wrong when developing their classes? What kind of instructor development is out there for civilians? What is missing in modern instruction? All questions pondered on this week’s episode.