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Rob Pincus & SDI Webinar: Developing a Firearms Training Business

Rob Pincus of the I.C.E. Training Company and the Personal Defense Network teams up with the Sonoran Desert Institute School of Firearms Technology on this webinar on developing a firearms training business:

The SDI YouTube channel has some other good-looking stuff, including How To Market Your Firearms Industry Business, Featuring Zeke Stout.

Handgun Training Device Induces Hard Malfunctions

Haven’t tried this yet, but we’ll be pretty excited if it works as advertised. What makes it cool is that you can load live rounds on top of it, making it possible to present contextual problems that aren’t predictable to students.

“The hard malfunction device is the only tool on the market that will simulate a full stoppage of your firearm like a double feed malfunction. Simple to use, the device goes into your magazine and no matter how many times you tap and rack, the device won’t clear. That requires you to know and perform a true hard malfunction process to clear the firearm. This trains your body to fix your firearm rapidly, even under stress. Our handgun hard malfunction training device works with all 9mm and .40 caliber handguns.”

The Hard Malfunction Device is $24.95 from Range Systems. Check it out here.

Dann Sternsher: Looking for a few good instructors…

IDJ member Dann Sternsher of G4 Personal Safety:

I’m a GREAT instructor! (tongue firmly planted in cheek)… I am now in my third decade of teaching and training folks and kids with firearms… pistols, rifles, shotguns. I’m highly recommended by former students, my post-course evaluations are always excellent, women in particular find my instruction on-target for them and regularly recommend me, I have books full of certifications from the NRA, 4H Shooting Sports, firearm training entities, and from my days in law enforcement… I’m even an NRA appointed Training Counselor who can train other instructors. So I wouldn’t recommend me…

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Handgun World Podcast #373: So, You Want To Be A Firearms Instructor?

Bob Mayne of the Handgun World Podcast:

There seems to be a lot of people who want to be instructors, but not enough who want to take classes. So, if you want to be a firearms instructor I think you will like this episode…

Listen to episode at Handgun World

Instructy stuff starts around 19:30 and covers what we should know in order to teach different levels of students as well as business & marketing.

Andrew Tuohy: What Impact Does Bullet Setback Have on Function?

Andrew Tuohy of Vuurwapen Blog:

I have been conducting experiments relating to firearms for a number of years, some of them quite mundane and others rather unorthodox. Many of the unorthodox experiments have never come to light, either because nothing of value was learned, or because I had decided to compile their results over a long period of time before releasing the data.

One series of tests which falls into the latter category relates to what, exactly, makes guns blow up. We’ve all seen photos of exploded firearms and bloodied hands or faces that result from a “kaboom,” or catastrophic failure of a firearm or the ammunition it fires. As a result, a lot of people exercise an overabundance of caution relating to any ammunition that “looks funny” to them – even going so far as to discard cases with tiny dents in them, for fear of causing an explosion.

While it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution when working with items that contain 1,000 times more pressure than a car tire, it’s also a good idea to have an understanding of what can really cause a catastrophic failure. And my experimentation has shown to me that the common knowledge relating to this topic is entirely wrong…

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This is a clickbaity sentence, but the results seriously surprised me. Amazing what happens when you actually test things.