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Scott Park Phillips: Most Applications are Just Stage Combat

Scott Park Phillips of North Star Martial Arts:

I teach applications. Applications are all about capturing a feeling. A feeling of moving through space, of getting a hold, of clearing, catching, spinning, or tipping. The point of an application is to get a feeling, and then find that feeling again spontaneously in some kind of rough-housing game.

The chances of getting an application from a video are very small. Applications in a video are a type of stage combat designed to recruit students. If you can see it without slow-motion it is usually an illusion. And even if a video uses the slow-motion effect, you can’t feel it. And applications are all about feeling…

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Intro To Bloodborne Pathogens For Martial Artists & Instructors

By Lenny Sclafani, DDS

You have yourself and students to protect. This means, no matter what your legal status is, that you are ahead of the game if you train your employees in how to deal with blood spills, injuries (where there is blood), and students who have been exposed to another’s blood, salvia and/or other body fluids contaminated with blood.

To protect yourself, your students and employees, and potentially to protect yourself legally, you should have protective gloves, disinfectants, plastic disposable bags and other items suggested in this article available for use by yourself, other school teachers or staff and students…

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