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Rob Pincus & SDI Webinar: Developing a Firearms Training Business

Rob Pincus of the I.C.E. Training Company and the Personal Defense Network teams up with the Sonoran Desert Institute School of Firearms Technology on this webinar on developing a firearms training business:

The SDI YouTube channel has some other good-looking stuff, including How To Market Your Firearms Industry Business, Featuring Zeke Stout.

PDN Live – Getting Started: New Shooters and New Instructors

Roundtable of Combat Focus Shooting and Defensive Firearm Coach instructors discuss how they got started teaching, instructor insurance, continuing education, getting hired as a staff instructor, filling classes, and balancing another full-time job with teaching.

Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training Company and the Personal Defense Network
Jamie Onion, Program Director for I.C.E. Training Company‘s Defensive Firearm Coach program
Michael McElmeel of EighteenZulu
Elka Summers King of Training at Barren Creek
Ben Turner of Innovative Defensive Solutions
Jay Hawkins of Reno Guns & Range

Instructy stuff starts at 32:00.