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John Farnam: Legally Defensible Use of Force

John Farnam of Defense Training International:

See John Farnam’s full 17-minute lecture on the Use of Deadly Force, and when it is justifiable. We highly recommend this video as a refresher for all who train and go armed. We especially hope you’ll share this with anyone you know who has a state-issued CCW permit, as there are many permit holders who have misconceptions about what rights they are or are not granted by such a permit.

This topic is so important, we cover it in every class – even advanced classes, where students have heard it numerous times.

This video is part of the DTI Operator series.

Omari Broussard: Answering ‘Why’ Questions and Depth of Instructor Knowledge

Omari Broussard of 10X Defense:

“‘This is the way we’ve always done it’ or ‘this is the way the curriculum does it’ is not enough for the student. We have more educated students now. With the internet and the information that’s out there, students are coming to classes asking the ‘why’ question. And just giving them ‘you know, well, this is the way we’ve always done it’, to me, just ends up being a cop-out.”

From 1:00 – 3:50.

PDN Live – Getting Started: New Shooters and New Instructors

Roundtable of Combat Focus Shooting and Defensive Firearm Coach instructors discuss how they got started teaching, instructor insurance, continuing education, getting hired as a staff instructor, filling classes, and balancing another full-time job with teaching.

Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training Company and the Personal Defense Network
Jamie Onion, Program Director for I.C.E. Training Company‘s Defensive Firearm Coach program
Michael McElmeel of EighteenZulu
Elka Summers King of Training at Barren Creek
Ben Turner of Innovative Defensive Solutions
Jay Hawkins of Reno Guns & Range

Instructy stuff starts at 32:00.

Brannon LeBouef: Staying in Your Lane as an Instructor

I see two basic versions of the “stay in your lane” thing. One is about being a responsible instructor and not making stuff up about things you don’t know about, which is the useful one Brannon LeBouef of NOLATAC Training & Consulting talks about here. It allows room for growth, like when he talks about broadening your lane.

The other version is when it’s used to shut people down, like a slightly more “tactical” version of “shut up, dweeb, I don’t have to listen to you”. More common, less useful.

h/t Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat