Instructor Development Course Directory

Defensive Firearms

Action Target Academy: Range Master, Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer, Shoot House Instructor, Reactive Steel Target Instructor Workshop, Dynamic Use of Target Systems

Cornered Cat (Kathy Jackson): Instructor Development Course

Defense Training International (John & Vicki Farnam): Instructional Challenges for Law Enforcement Trainers: Emphasis on Instructing the Female Officer (instructors: Vicki Farnam & Diane Nicholl), DTI Instructor

I.C.E. Training: Defensive Firearm Coach, Combat Focus Shooting ID, Active Shooter Response ID, Reality Based ID, FitShot Coach

Firearms Academy of Seattle (Marty Hayes): Instructor Development: Handgun

Gunsite Academy: Instructor Development, Shoothouse Instructor Development

LMS Defense (John Chapman): Gunfighting Instructor Development Course

Massad Ayoob Group: MAG-IC (MAG Instructor Course)

National Association of Certified Firearms Instructors: Trainer Course

NRA Training Department: info and course finder

Oregon Firearms Academy: Defensive Handgun Firearms IDC

Rangemaster (Tom Givens): Instructor Development Course, Advanced Instructor Course

Second Amendment Foundation Training Division: defensive pistol, rifle, shotgun, teaching methods, etc. instructor class list

Shooting Performance (Mike Seeklander): Firearms Instructor Development Course

Suarez International (Gabe Saurez): Combat Arms Instructor School

SureFire Institute: low-light instructor courses for pistol, carbine, and shotgun

USCCA: info and training counselor list



Academy of Self Defence (Garry Smith)

Chiron Training (Rory Miller): CRGI/Chiron Instructor Development Course

SPEAR PDR System (Tony Blauer): Personal Defense Readiness Coach


Legal/Civilian Use of Force

Massad Ayoob Group: Deadly Force Instructor

Law of Self Defense (Andrew Branca): LoSD Instructor Course


Scenario/Reality-Based Training

Chiron Training (Rory Miller): Running Scenarios

Reality Based Training Association (Ken Murray et al): Training at the Speed of Life Instructor School

Simunition: FX civilian & LE/mil programs



Sabre Red Personal Safety Academy: OC/Pepper Spray IC


Soft Skills

Trauma-Aware Self Defense Instruction: Anna Valdiserri, UK/Europe & Bolt Defense (Nick Grossman), USA


Bonus Material: Multidisciplinary Training Conferences/Seminars (not ID-specific)

Rangemaster Tactical Conference


Violence Dynamics