Member’s Journal of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network
“The Network’s membership journal is presented on the 1st of each month, and is packed with columns from Network leaders, interviews with firearms and training experts and personalities, monthly column featuring our Network affiliated attorneys’ answers to various questions, book and DVD reviews and other important reading for the armed citizen. It is edited by Gila Hayes, well-respected author, trainer and freelance gunwriter.”

Conflict Manager Magazine from Conflict Research Group International
“Our mission is to promote conflict management through experienced and insightful education and training.

“Conflict Manager magazine is a monthly offering by CRGI. Not only does the magazine feature our regular contributors, there are be articles from some of the most well know and experienced people in the field of conflict management. There are also be articles from not so well known, yet highly knowledgeable and insightful contributors.”

Force Science Institute Newsletter
“Force Science News is a completely free, bi-monthly e-newsletter provided by the Force Science Institute. These professionally written, highly compelling articles are designed to keep you on the cutting edge of Force Science research and findings and to keep you informed on other important force-related issues. FS News articles are widely reprinted in law enforcement-related publications and read by scores of law enforcement professionals, attorneys, trainers, legal advisors, criminal justice professors and others involved with understanding, evaluating, and explaining uses of force.”

Rangemaster Newsletter
Monthly newsletter from American gun school Rangemaster features articles and spotlight features on defensive shooting, equipment, and trainers.

“AELE is an extraordinary and unique resource, with free publications and online back issues since 2000. AELE has a searchable library of more than 35,000 case digests (since 1975) organized into 700 + indexed topics.”

“Xiphos is a monthly summary of recent court decisions relating to criminal procedure and other topics that are important to the public safety community.”