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Handgun Training Device Induces Hard Malfunctions

Haven’t tried this yet, but we’ll be pretty excited if it works as advertised. What makes it cool is that you can load live rounds on top of it, making it possible to present contextual problems that aren’t predictable to students.

“The hard malfunction device is the only tool on the market that will simulate a full stoppage of your firearm like a double feed malfunction. Simple to use, the device goes into your magazine and no matter how many times you tap and rack, the device won’t clear. That requires you to know and perform a true hard malfunction process to clear the firearm. This trains your body to fix your firearm rapidly, even under stress. Our handgun hard malfunction training device works with all 9mm and .40 caliber handguns.”

The Hard Malfunction Device is $24.95 from Range Systems. Check it out here.